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Einlass: 19 Uhr
Beginn: 20 Uhr
VVK.: 15,- zzgl. Gebühr
AK.: 18,-

Rock’n’roll, punk, AC/DC and MOTORHEAD enthusiast: the DAMAGE TOUR is for you !

For this tour, BANANE METALIK will release an EP followed by their new album.
With the British punk band BLATOIDEA, BANANE METALIK will embark on this world tour with a new set list featuring exclusive songs.
This event will be devoted to Lemmy’s rock’n’roll : LIVE FAST, DIE OLD !

The French band BANANE METALIK has baptised its music „Gore’n’rol“. In addition to their rock’n’roll mixed to punk, they’re know for using horror elements on stage.
Though its extensive worldwide touring, the band became renowned for their universe and the energy unleashed during live shows.
With their discography, BANANE METALIK has gradually gained in popularity, and has now positioned itself as a pioneering force in the European rock’n’roll.

Blatoidea is a Punk band, based in London (UK) formed in 2008.
The sound is in big part inspired from British 80s punk bands, Rock n‘ Roll and thrash.
Through the last 10 years and 3 albums, they shared the stage with Jello Biafra, UK Subs The Casualties, GBH etc
BLATOIDEA played many international festivals (Rebellion, Pod pare etc) and has forged a solid reputation across Europe !